Thursday, June 19, 2008

au revoir mes bleus

well france are out of the european cup. all i have to say is sod you italy. you'll get yours one day. i'm glad rome week is over - i couldn't face eating your food. every bite would rip through my heart.

here is france in their hey day. zizu. le boeuf. and the best national anthem ever.

may their impure blood water our fields.



aleka said...

Mmmhh, I think France has not played good, it wasn't the France that we always see.
And me and my family were (we are italians!) sad about the injury of Ribery (one of the best player in France)

Kitty said...

aleka, you are being very generous considering my previously uncharitabley comments about the italian team (which is of course different in concept and scope to italy itself). of course, you're right. france has played shockingly this tournament (and the netherlands have done so well). turkey's the big shock for me. the scars from germany are obviously still pretty raw. i was living in paris for the 1998 world cup and it all seems to have gone down hill from then.

good luck to italy in the finals! i'll have to switch my loyalties for les blues to the azzuri now. and eat lots of pasta. that sounds ok to me!

aleka said...

Ciao Kitty!
Yesterday we lost!
It's a pity (because it's a real fun to watch the loved team with friends and family with something good to eat and scream in front of the television all the time) , but I have to admit that the italian team of this year was not so good..
And now?
I' don't know wich team to support.
(Not Germany , they are a little bit too arrogant)I loved Portugal but they are out too..
And you?

Kitty said...

si, mi dispiace. now we have both lost our blues. it's always disappointing when it comes down to a penalty shoot out.

I agree with you about Germany, so we have to choose from Russia, Spain and Turkey. I'd love to see Turkey win, just because it would be unexpected. but I think Spain or Russia would have to be favourites now. But I think I'll go for Turkey, let's hope they make it to the final!

aleka said...

Let's hope for Turkey!

Tanti saluti dall'Italia Kitty!