Monday, August 10, 2009

warning warning

I feel a gigantic cook off in me bones.

I've a hankerin' for char sui drumsticks and fried rice and kangaroo in black bean sauce. For lasagna and polpette and gnocchi amatricciana. For mascapone with caramelised figs and chocolate sauce. For pasticio and domades yemista. For jiaozi with black vinegar and chili jam. For toad in the hole with onion and Marsala gravy. And all sorts of to-doin's.

Home delivery available.


A Free Man said...

Drop some by!

We've all been ill and grumpy and unmotivated. So the cooking in our house has been pretty well absent of late.

Kitty said...

tee hee. be careful what you wish for. said i like to cook. never said i was any good at it ;-)

H and L on the road said...

Got your comment about Wednesday nights, sounds as though things might be looking up at yours, or is it all in the mind?