Wednesday, September 1, 2010

blue fuzzy things

Yesterday it was a fruit-burdened cookie monster, today it's this fellow. Frankly I find him a little bit frightening. Costumes where you can't see people's faces freak me out a bit. If he sat in a theatre next to me, I'd have to move I think.

This is one of our first years. He comes into classes regularly dressed in costumes. The other day he was Zorro. Today he was this blue catish thing. In another class all the guys came in wearing tuxedos recently.

This is funny. I mean quite funny. And it shows the power of facebook, because that's how they organise it.

But then again, when I was a student, there wasn't facebook. And we didn't all come in dressed as cartoon characters. We organised sit-ins in the union building. Using flyers, god damn it. Yes, we stood in the cloisters and handed out pieces of paper. Which we had written on (some even had individual paintings on them, like Underground Lovers limited releases). And we changed the world.

Oh, hang on. No we didn't actually. Although we did save the Women's Room from closing. I wonder if there is still a Women's Room?

Maybe we should have all just come in dressed as cats.....

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