Wednesday, July 16, 2008

plus de poulet

even more chicken news. Kate at A Merrier World, is running a food blog event, for chicken chefs.

Those who followed my Rome Week events last month will already have read my killer roast chicken spaghetti recipe. Go to the link to see the full story, with photos, but for novices to my chicken splendour, here's the synopsis.

You'll need to get together:
1 plump, beautiful organic free range chicken (with no added nasties)
butter. lots of butter.
salt. lots of salt. no - lots of salt
a head of garlic
a cup of white wine
a cup and a half of chicken stock

this is so simple it will make you cry. slit the chicken and stuff with garlic cloves. put any un-used cloves in the cavity, smear the bird with butter and salt it really, really well. put the rosemary sprigs in, on and around the bird and get into the oven.

roast the bird until it's almost done. then poor over the stock and the wine. Continue to cook the bird until it's done. While it's resting either reduce the resulting sauce over the hob, or add a little flour to make a gravy. Stir through some thick style spaghetti or fettuccine and shredded meat from the chicken.

serve with a ridiculous amount of parmesan, grana or pecorino (and a salad or steamed vegetables to reduce the heart attack quotient).

Of course with all of the butter and salt this is a special occasion dish - I tend to serve it on my birthday or New Year's Eve. It always goes down a treat.

if you think you can beat this, which i seriously doubt, let Kate know, and feel free to post some inflammatory comment on the post that started it all below.

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so sorry to hear about your puss puss kitty. *hugs*
-young jess