Monday, April 14, 2008


ok, so the picture's not that great, but i was hungry.

today i skived off work, and sat at home, watching crap on you tube, and spending time with my cats. i've also been extraordinarily hungry. there's been a lot of toast today.

but for dinner i had the last of the curry that i got myself after i got back from camp on saturday night. there was some rogan gosht and palak paneer, but most of all there was dahl. oh, how much i love dahl. i could tell you, but there are not yet adjectives in the english language that are superlative enough for me to qualify my love of the creamy, melt in your mouth goodness that is a big bowl of dahl. i would seriously consider moving to india just to improve the quality and quantity of my supply. it's just sooooo very, very good.

i hope you all ate something today that makes you as happy as this! i'm still looking for the perfect dahl recipe, so if you have one to suggest i'd love to hear about it.

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