Friday, April 4, 2008

where the bloody hell are you meets the rock and roll dreamer

last night i spent a glorious, feedback filled hour with every one's favourite weegies. Yes!!! the brothers Reid played the Palace Theatre in Melbourne last night and I was there. oooooooooo... they were so totally, utterly delectable. all my youthful moments of love, fear, hate and belonging all came washing back over me. we were all in black. we all sang along. the room was full of fans and i was going berserk with the best of them. they played all your favourites - sidewalking, happy when it rains, reverence, darklands.

i had to post some of their songs, because the Jesus and Mary Chain have to be one of every one's favourite bands! right? no?????? well, to get you to change your minds, here's an old one:

and a new(er) one:

sing along, dance the good dance! don't believe me, well here's a review!

on a totally different note, there was a conversation on cupcake rehab about the location of different visitors. i have noted of late i've that i've had a visitor from Bowling Green, and another from Athens.

now, Bowling Green has to be the best name for a town i have ever heard of. if you come back,
a comment and tell me what it's like.

as for Athens? Athens is one of my favourite places on earth. if you have never been you must book yourself a ticket this instant. now, i tell you! stop reading this and get down to the local travel agent this instant. particularly if you are of the foodie description, oooooo... mousaka, yemista, pasticio, coffee, all that would melt your heart! and if you're a boring history girl type of foodie, athens is obviously the place. the parthenon, home of athena my very favourite god/goddess, the stoa of the ancient agora, the bronze statue of poseidon in the athens museum and so, so much more. what, you're still here?? pame!


Marilla said...

Years ago I had an (ex)boyfriend who's best friend was Greek... and he went to Greece every summer. It always sounded beyond beautiful but then again ancient studies (Rome, Greece, Egypt) are another slight obsession of mine so I may be slightly prejudiced in my remembering his descriptions.

But I would love to see the Parthenon and all the ruins.

Kitty said...

the first time i went to rome i HATED it. but i've been back about 7 times since and i now totally love it. the romans are too beautiful tho, and i always feel like such a frump with my backpack on. i wanted to like egypt, but it just didn't work out that way. the ruins and the musuems were fascinating, but interacting with the contemporary culture was just too hard. i also got stoned (no, not like that), stoned when a gang of kids started throwing rocks and me and the friend i was travelling with. doesn't make for great memories.

but greece! greece is amazing. the people, the history, the landscape (v similar to australia), the food: all wonderful. honest and down to earth all the way. i'm actually planning my 40th birthday there. did i mention the food?