Sunday, May 4, 2008

not nearly boring enough!!!!

mercy, when this started it was supposed to be a history blog. i love history. really!! it will be history week in south australia soon and i am all a-quiver with excitement.

but to re-history BHG, we will be having Rome Week. Starting Monday 9 June (the day after my birthday, hints to all), there will be a daily history lesson about the romans, and a daily roman recipe. learn about architecture, the gracchi, bread and circuses etc, and get yummy italian food to eat as well. feel free to submit your favourite italian recipe to me at daxiongmao AT adam DOT com DOT au and i will be happy to test it out and post the results. full credit will go to all recipe submissions, and if you happen to be in adelaide and want to come and help me eat it, all are invited!!!! it's hard to eat all this food when you live on your own, just wear your toga.

Greece week to come in July.mmmmm..... think of the pastries, and the history of course. can't wait to write my essay on the Tower of the Winds. or stoa. i love stoa, oh for god's sake people, look it up on wikipaedia.

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Jj said...

Your "Rome week" sounds fascinating! I love history, too but don't get to study up on it as much as I'd like. Anyway, hope you're able to share a little of what you learned! I learn most from reading historical novels...when there's time for reading. ;)