Saturday, May 3, 2008


this weekend is total bliss! it's been a really busy six months for me, i came off the back of a 560km bike ride, straight into a really busy time at work for the organisation as a whole, then organised an event for 4,ooo people at the government house, which was attended by the governor and the minister, the tried to organise two students events, one of which was a total, utter, f****-up, through bureaucratic bungling of which i was not part (i was just tidying up the mess). on top of that the best boss in the world left, leaving me to try and fill her gigantic shoes, while having none of my regular job taken away from me and not a single extra cent in the bank to show for it. and then uni on top of that. thank god i don't have children or i'm sure i would have fallen over by now.

needless to say i am tired. extraordinarily tired. i handed up the cycling tourism essay that has been bugging me so much (both of my summative assignments this year have been very average, i only have one left to make up lost ground), both of my shows are open, and i am relaxing. or trying to. it's been so long since i relaxed i'm not sure how to do it anymore.

but i have lots of delicious, healthy food in the house, to make up for the toast and vegemite/bacon sandwich diet that i have been living off for a while. have accumulated no small amount of lard on my stomach of late (it always goes straight to my stomach). however did burn the hazelnuts i was toasting for my killer home made muesli, good thing i have some almonds and lots of cranberries. tonight i am making slippery beef noodles for JC, which is one of my favourite noodle dishes. i'm a bit of a noodle freak. nothing like a bowl of duck and dumpling ramen soup. fantastic!

i am also making stuff for the Argentinean woman who will be living at my place for the next week and a half while she attends an arts conference in adelaide. looking for inspiration. any one got a good recipe for lamb? or lentils? get me outta my rut! please!!!

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