Monday, October 6, 2008

five random thoughts

random thought, number one
On Joy the Baker yesterday Joy was talking politics (also to be known as the sublime and the ridiculous) and was also treating us to some of her past favourites. While they all sound delicious it draws to my attention how different the food we eat eat is, even in countries with a common language. Joy talks of cherry pies. sounds great, and I've heard them talked about in films and on tv, but I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to eat cherry pie, let alone taken up the challenge. for me a pie has meat in it! However a whoopie pie is a brand new concept to me. Sounds hilarious, and look a bit like something you can get here, although I'm not sure what we call them. Next time I have soft bananas I'll make them (which is unlikely as I love bananas and generally scoff them before they get bakeable). Then there's liquid smoke. Please, if you know what this is, explain it to me!!!

And it makes me wonder what I eat that is strange to others, particularly anglophones. Vegemite is the obvious, but Brits will just think it's a sub-standard version of Marmite, and New Zealanders Promite (they're wrong). Does the US have a version? I try to have a serve of Vegemite every day, and had it with cheese on toast this morning. And our pies are meat pies, not fruit pies. I'm not sure what else??

random thought number twoYesterday Stakkers brought her kids to my place, after bringing them to Adelaide from Perth. Stakkers and I went to uni together a million years ago, but she then moved to Perth where she got married and spurted out the afore mentioned kids, who spent the afternoon yelling and screaming, deconstructing my house and doing rather fantastic chalk drawings all over the driveway (which have since been washed away with overnight rain). It was awesome to see Stakkers again, hopefully she'll be able to move back to Adelaide in a couple of years and this will be a more regular occurrence. It was also a lovely day yesterday, which allowed me to fire up the barbie. The kids had sausages, while us adults had thai-ish chicken (note the coriander below)

and lamb kebabs, one with a tandoori marinade, the other with garlic and rosemary.

PS: JC, you owe me for leaving you out of the photo!!!

random thought number three 我 先介绍一下
Chinese. I'm not doing enough. I listen to my lessons online most days, but never do any of the extension classes, or vocab exercises, let alone actually put pen to paper to practice my characters. As such, it's going no where fast. And I feel like I never have enough time in my life

random thought number four
Which brings me to random thought number four. I am lazy. Really, really lazy. I've had a four day weekend, thanks to a long weekend combined with tonsillitis. And I could have done so much with this time, but I got no-thing to show. Sure, Princess and I went to visit Shep to book some more ink time, but he was on holidays. And the guys came over yesterday. But that's about it. I've set the alarm to get up and ride each morning (I've become 15kg more of BHG than I was 12 months ago, and that's not good), but I just turn the alarm off and sleep till 10. Maybe I'll just become one of those shut in types that need to taken out through the roof with a crane after they die. Then I can just lie in bed with the cats and eat toast. Sounds OK to me really.

But I really, really, really need to do some study today. I am running out of time and still have 50 hours worth of study to do.

random thought number five
I'm listening to the radio at the moment and they're playing Arcade Fire live at the Wireless tonight. I love Arcade Fire.

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