Friday, October 3, 2008

getting bigger

no, not just my thighs, although they are expanding rapidly - Australia is getting bigger.

we have the big pineapple

the big sheep

the big banana

the big orange

the big crayfish

and these are all great. Australia has approximately 150 big things, and once I win the lottery - and god willing it will be soon - on of the things on my 'to do list' will be to travel the nation and tick 'em all off one by one.

but now, there is the big dim sim

I'm sure this is a joke, but it's bloody fantastic. I'm going to go and leave a comment right now. We Aussies love our dim sims. both the real Chinese type, and the ones you get at the fish and chip shop, huge, fatty, a skin of dubious origin and deep fried until it's just right to harden your arteries.

mmmmm... about to cook dinner. maybe I'll go down the chippy instead!

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