Saturday, May 2, 2009

busy saturday turned lazy saturday

Like most of you, I'm sure, I had a list of things to get through day.

First and foremost was a trip to BikeSA. For the last couple of days my friend Lance has been staying at my house. I met Lance on an organised group bike ride in Victoria a few years ago and he's here to do BikeSA's Outback Odyssey - two weeks riding from Adelaide to Blinman. We were all teasing him because today is a 33km ride to Cudlee Creek. Even if he stops for five pieces of cake along the way he'd probably have been there by 10.30am - the ride started at 9am. But we're all just jealous, because we wanted to be going too. I was made to promise him that my Sunday morning ride would be less than 33km so as not to show him up too much. I could never show Lance up, I'm a pudgy weekend cruiser, he's a lean-mean-cycling-machine.

I then popped into the wonderful Central Markets and got some fresh veg and then moved onto the AWL shelter at Wingfield, where I paid the deposit for Tony and Apollo to board while I'm in China. I made sure I was there before the pound opened, just in case I had to suddenly pay for three cats to board while I was in China.

Wingfield is to the far west of Adelaide, down near the old port. I used to live in the inner western suburbs before my current home, a family property, became available in the snooty eastern suburbs, and I miss the west terribly. I would move back their in a heart beat. Coming back from the AWL I had to pass through what one of my Chinese friends call 'The Ghetto'. So called because there's more signs in Vietnamese than there are in English. This is the neighbourhood where poor Vietnamese refugees settled in the 70s, and unfortunately it's still a poor Vietnamese suburb. Driving through I thought it quite sad that more than 20 years on this neighbourhood is still struggling. On the whole, only now are the family of these people starting to take on successful professions outside of their own communities. I also noticed a lot of Sudanese faces in the area, so this must be the next wave of immigrants who will no doubt struggle to fit into an inherently racist Australian society.

The only good thing about keeping these people in The Ghetto is that you always know which suburbs to drive through when you're hungry. A particular favourite of mine and JC's (JC still lives in the west) is Tay Do. Tay Do does a few hot foods (buns, fried rice etc) but it's main stay is filled rolls.

And driving back home today I suddenly realised I hadn't had breakfast and I was starving! So starving that I bought two. Now Tay Do rolls are a bit like the Stone Roses' first album. Every time I listen to that album I start thinking that I Wanna Be Adored is the best song ever written, and by then I've changed my mind at every track and end up thinking I Am The Resurrection is the best song ever written. The roll I devoured as soon as I got home was a roast pork one. Filled with pickled carrot and cucumber, coriander and chili slices, a well as soft pork with a crispy, salty crust and I was certain that was my favourite flavour. I just ate my lemon grass chicken one and am now sure that is my favourite flavour. If I had another roast pork, I'd move back to that instantly - and so on. If you're ever in the Woodville area, find First Avenue and do yourself a flavour favour!

All going well. However on return to Chez BHG, I lay down on the couch. Three hours later I awoke. So now it's 3pm and the laundry's not done, last night's dishes are still in the sink and I haven't been to the supermarket.

Hurrah! This is what weekends should be like. I will make myself another cup of tea and rest of my laurels a little longer. I wonder where my laurels are? Don't want to rest on them some long I develop a blister or something.

Hope your weekend is just as wonderful and filled with something as delicious as Vietnamese rolls.


A Free Man said...

That Stone Roses album is fantastic. It's a bit disappointing that it was only that album. The second album was a shambles and I don't even want to hear about Ian Brown's solo stuff.

So you could really say 'that only Stone Roses album'!

Kitty said...

It is fantastic, one of my all time favourites (obviously). The Second Coming had its moments, but was obviously in the shaddow of its older brother (and the Madchester hype). Sums up 'the difficult, second album'.

Saw them live in the early 80s which was a bit of a lifetime highlight.