Sunday, July 12, 2009


OK, the top 20 are now on the radio, and I'm on the final stretch. Hope I have the energy to make it to the end

101 There She Goes - The Las
At one time widely considered by music journalists to be the best song ever written. Don't know if that was actually the case then or now, but it's a jolly fine tune.

102 Throw Your Arms Around Me - Hunters and Collectors
Going to show that Australian Pub Rock and have a soft side. Mark Seymour was just on the radio talking about this being a song about love. We all know it's a song about getting your leg over.

103 Tijuana Lady - Gomez
It took me a long time to come around to Gomez. This comes from the Bring it On album, which I've just found out is only 10 years old. Seems like they've been around longer than that. Great album, but I must admit to never having listened to anything else they've written.

104 Tomorrow Will Do - Hilltop Hoods
Adelaide's favourite sons. The Calling is a ripper little album, and this is my favourite song on it. Good phrasing. Nosebleed Section, from the same album, has just appeared on the radio at number 13.

105 Tower of Song - Leonard Cohen
Leonard played this when I saw him earlier in the year and the earth moved.

106 Town Called Malice - The Jam
Paul Weller grew up in Woking, which is enough to drive anyone to Punk I should imagine. Bands like the Jam, or the Saints or the Talking Heads, show that punk's not all about safety pins and spitting. Town Called Malice's about boredom and disillusion and knowing that there has to be something better, something more meaningful out that. I think we all think that. I wonder how many of us actually do something about it.

107 Transmission - Joy Division
Oh. My. Fucking. God. What a great song. I think my generation have been scarred by being taught to dance by Ian Curtis, Bez and Peter Garret. No wonder we all look like we're having fits. Ooops, Ian Curtis had epilepsy, didn't he? Errrr... sorry about that.

108 Try a Little Tenderness
Ducky Dale introduced me to this song. It builds, and troughs, and builds again, and then peaks incredibly!

109 Unbelievable - EMF
Not the greatest song ever, so people may be wondering it's doing in this list. If you have to ask, you weren't there.

110 Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack
The video for this, which was one continuous shot, was a ground breaker. I love the tempo and the phrasing of this track.

111 Vapour Trail - Ride
The Oxford group to challenge Manchester. Two fantastic albums and a really difficult, quite awful third one. Their guitarist Andy Bell now plays with Oasis, which shows how the mighty can fall.

112 Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
The ultimate London band doing the ultimate song about London. If you've ever been near Waterloo Bridge on the way home from work on Friday, with the City starting to go to sleep, but Soho and South Bank starting to wake up, this song is like poetry.

113 Weirdo - The Charlatans
I've always had a soft spot for The Charlatans. They've always had an edge amongst a lot of soft brit pop. This song really is weird.

114 What Difference Does it Make - The Smiths
My official vote was for How Soon is Now, which did rate in the final count, but I only voted for that because I knew it had a chance. But really this is my favourite Smiths song. I love Morrisey's rhythm, and this song is a great example. Johnny Marr shows why he was the musical genius in the band.

115 White Riot - The Clash
Another quintessential London band, they grew up to the immediate north of where I worked, under the shadow of the West Way. Having experience the Notting Hill race riots, this is a song of solidarity and class politics. But having seen black Londoners risk life and limb to stand up against the establishment, it's also urging working class white English kids to work out what they believe in and take it to the streets.

116 Wrote for Luck - The Happy Mondays
I fell instantly in love with this song, and have multiple 12 inch remixes of it. The heady heyday of the Hacienda on vinyl.

117 Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John
A very young contender in a list of old standards.

118 You Do Something to Me - Sinead O'Connor
Sinead O'Connor is obviously barking. But this is a beautiful version of this song.

119 You Made Me Realise - My Bloody Valentine
A friend of mine once served Kevin Sheilds a pint in a bar near Kings Cross. Back in Australia at this stage, I got an hysterical call from him around closing time in London. I had to go around and tell everyone that my friend McBeath had meet Kevin Sheilds. No one got it.

120 - Young Man, Old Man - The Dissociatives
Finally at number 120. I have a secret crush on Daniel Johns. I think we all do.

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