Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Unfortunately things have been busy recently and keeping me away from my list making. Even more unfortunate was the fact that one of those things is food poisoning. I like to think I have a fairly strong constitution, but there's apparently a limit to how long you can keep meat in the fridge. I have found that limit.

But on a happier note.

41. Ever Fallen In Love - the Buzzcocks
Lots of punk in this list. I'm obviously more punk rock that I thought. I've seen the Buzzcocks play more times than someone born in the 70s should. One year they played the Old Lion. A jaunty little local act, Cerveza y Putas, supported. I went to Uni with the CYP chaps. So I was at the British for a couple of drinks before (I went with the XTC fan from a previous post. Being an 'industry' kind of person he had is name on the door. I was his plus one. Had to say my name was Bruce or something like that). Anyhoo, a stand in was drumming for the cocks this particular tour. So, we said to the CYPC (cerveza y putas chaps) at the bar at the British - what's it like meeting the Buzzcocks. FUCK THE BUZZCOCKS they said WE MEET MIKE JOYCE. Who would have thought the drummer from a fey little group called The Smiths would end up with a band called The Buzzcocks. So I can say I once sat next to some guy at a bar who meet the drummer from The Smiths.

I may never wash again.

42. Every Me Every You - Placebo
If this song plays anywhere in my vicinity I will jump up, grab you by the arm and bouncing like a tigger drag you onto the dance floor.

Don't say you haven't been warned.

43. Everybody's Got Something to Hide - the Beatles
Ah The Beatles. Is there anything you can't do? Like may I grew up with The Beatles and have inherited my mother's numbered White Album vinyl. Ringo does his best work on this.

44. Express Yourself - NWA
One year the announcers at Triple J were told they had to play Kylie Minogue tracks. Back then The Js were much more hard core, so they all went on strike and played this track on continuous loop for days. It's got great beats, not to mention great lyrics... essspress yourself!

45. Eye Know - De La Soul
Back in the day, De La Soul were a little daisy chain in paddock of grunge.

46. Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr
You cannot, I mean cannot, have a top 100 with out this song. Whether it should be there or not is immaterial. It's just the way it always has been.

47. Ghost Town - the Specials
Ska. What a strange, magical beast. Having shared a house for many, many years with one of South Australia's biggest ska fans, I speak from some knowledge. This is a classic, but for some reason when I sing the chorus in my head I always end up humming Madness songs.

48. Gigantic - the Pixies
The Pixies raise their gigantic heads again. There are not adjectives in the English language superlative enough to qualify just how fucking fantastic this song is.

49. Girl From Mars - Ash
Jingle-jangle-pretty-boy. And I'm dancin' again

50. God is a DJ - Faithless
If God is a DJ what colour undies does he wear?

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