Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas post

tee hee. This picture was just too moi not to steal it from some other poor, unsuspecting blogger's site.

Well, I had quite a list of things to get through last time I posted. How's all that going, I wonder?

1. Run a highly underfunded international conference
I am pleased to be able to report that I lived through this conference. Only one complaint. Mind you this was screaming-abuse-at-me-at-the-registration-desk complaint, but from someone largely considered in the industry to be insane. There were a few hiccups with the catering, and the bar lost a bucket of money, but Dr Space Junk and I managed to make it through alive. Then we both slept. I mean really, really slept. I'm still sleeping as I write this, actually. I am hoping for a minimum of 12 hours a night until I get back to work.

2. Finish the fucking course review process that has destroyed the last three months of my life
This is somewhat connected with old Father Darth up the top. Unfortunately this still lingers on. And it really has destroyed the last three months of my life. This is the reason that I am so tired, and so despondent, and so totally utterly physically, emotionally and mentally rooted. I took this job 12 months ago to try and reduce the stress in my life. It has done anything but. It's a good thing that the people are great and my academic supervisor is just down the corridor, or I'd be outta there.

3. Cook Christmas dinner for 30 workmates
Survived this too. Exhausted and plastered (it only took about three drinks). I will be eating the left overs until Easter.

4. Write a conference paper
I should be doing this now, but am writing this post as a form of procrastination

5. Have Christmas
Christmas has turned me into an eating machine - pate, dip and dukkha, grilled lemon quail, roast beef with aioli and potatoes, cheese course, ice cream, pavlova and cake. All washed down with gallons of booze. I think it's stretch my stomach, because I've been perpetually starving since. I'm waiting until 4pm before starting to prepare dinner....

6. Drink far too much Frangenlico with my choice-bro who will be down for Christmas
Too much eating for Frangelico. But he's here until Saturday!

7. See if I can find someone who wants to go to the ODIs with me.
Some possible action on this front. I am helping my conference paper procrastination along with lots of watching the Boxing Day test with eating ham sandwiches and cherries. I'll start on the voddie tonics in about an hour.

Merry Christmas to you and all your nerf herders.

I'm off to see the pandas tomorrow!


A Free Man said...

I like the photo. I convinced my nephews that Santa drops his reindeer at Cairns for a break and picks up six white boomers (a la Rolf Harris) for his Australian stops.

I also ate too much. Mostly mince pies. I was obsessed with Foodland's mince pies this year.

Kitty said...

mmmm..... I think that may negate any christmas cheer. Lying to chidren. tsk tsk ;-) My cousin once convinced me that Twisties were made in heaven, so I guess anything's possible.

Foodland mince pies? I thought Dr O'C would have slaving away making some of her own?