Monday, December 7, 2009

hellllloooo overthere.....

Yes. A while. A very long while.

Still can't upload photos. If I could you would have:
  • the cutest possible shot of Apollo asleep on my bed yesterday
  • Dr Brown banging his drum in the Christmas Pageant
  • other stuff that I've probably forgotten about

In the next week or so I need to
  • run a highly underfunded international conference (three days to go. OMG!)
  • have finished the fucking course review process that has destroyed the last three months of my life
  • cook Christmas dinner for 30 workmates
  • write a conference paper
  • have Christmas
  • drink far too much Frangenlico with my choice-bro who will be down for Christmas
  • see if I can find someone who wants to go to the ODIs with me.

Preference Australia v's Pakistan if anyone's interested.

1 comment:

A Free Man said...

We went to Day 3 of the Windies test on Sunday, was great! I mean, not the result (likely draw), but the day.

And I can't imagine anything more fun than an underfunded international conference...