Monday, March 31, 2008

where's the draino?

Slush at quirky cupcake (slush, what a fantastic name. one day i want to know how she came up with it), is having bloggers block. she's been blogging much long than i, so she is probably excused, along with the fact that she's the CCH chick, mother, all round great girl by the sound of it. i have no excuse. well, i have a couple

1. i organised 150 high school art students into getting all their work to the one place at the one time and then putting on an opening event and dealing with narky parents. this is actually quite exhausting! there was also a bloke who collapsed during the opening. i thought he'd had a stroke and was cactus. the ambos turned up and got him going again and i am forever thankful to them. i have a policy with my events: people turn up. at least one person has a good time. no one dies. equals successful event. this guy nearly spoilt my perfect record!

2. i have a really pesky report i have to write for uni that's getting on my wick.

that's a couple. right?

there's fun stuff too. JC came for dinner saturday and after a lack-lustre thai curry i made a version of the crumble cake i made easter weekend, but put a rhubarb layer in it this time. delicious. i love this cake. really. i'm working on a quince one now (it's quince season and i've been given lots). saturday was also earth hour. JC and I lost track of time, so we did it from 9.00 until 10.00, an hour late. candles and stuff. was v romantic. if only JC was a bloke!!!

but now i've written it, i'm pondering quinces. any suggestions. help me de-block!

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