Sunday, July 13, 2008

it's all gone quiet

it's been very quiet on BHG recently i know. This is partly due to the fact that I've had precious little to say. Life has been very ho-hum, and recently has been very sad with one of my beloved cats diagnosed with something I can't even bring myself to say. So I've been staying at home nursing and dispensing as many kisses as I can while I still can.

But today is was lovely and warm, which has been unusual recently, and he wanted to go out. So I did what any normal person would do, and painted my study. As you can see, it's red.

I've also moved my computer under the window, so I can see outside while I study/blog/play free cell/look at tat online. This picture belies just how much rubbish I own, and I still have several dozen books to move back to the shelves that you can't see in this picture.

I've slowly been painting the whole house, and this is the last room. It means that I can finally put away all of the rollers, brushes and tins of undercoat that have been kicking around since January (I've been delaying tidying the house on the basis that everything will get moved when I paint, I have no excuse now). But I also hooked up my old stereo, which I haven't done because it's a pain in the neck to do and I didn't want to have to do it twice. But now I have my turntable again. Hurrah! This means that I can drag out all of my old vinyl and dance around to all of my old Wedding Present albums. In this photo you can also see the two scratches I made in the pain, putting up the venetian blinds a mere five hours after I finished paining. sheesh!

But now I'm sitting here, at a desk that frankly is a little to short (or maybe it's the chair but something will have to change), and listening to John Safran and Father Bob on the radio. Its an out of place happy moment in a shitty week.


Anonymous said...

Love the study, and your desk under the window is great! See you 'moro!

Joy the Baker said...

Your study looks lovely! And good move moving the computer in front of the window... good stuff. I'm really sorry to hear about your kitty. I'm so sorry. Hang in there and know that I'm thinking about you and sending all my good thoughts your way