Wednesday, July 16, 2008

one party and a funeral

I've taken leave this week to stay at home and look after my little mr poo. this is a picture of poo taken last week. he normally looks grumpy in photos, but this is probably exacerbated by the fact that he's not very well at the moment. so a big thanks to all that have wished poo well, either via BHG, or through personal contact. he's a very special boy.

normally he's a bit of a sook and spends the whole day either on my bed or on the couch. since he got sick he's preferred to be outside (and it's freezing here at the moment), but last night he sat and watched crap movies on the couch with me a spent a good couple of hours asleep on the bed. I've always found it very hard to sleep without him in his normal position on my pillow, so i got the best sleep I've had since last Monday last night.

this Sunday I'm supposed to be doing the food for Luke's first birthday party. I suspect I'm not going to be in a party mood come Sunday, so I'm looking for stuff i can just drop off, say happy birthday to the wee one and then leave again (i hope mum understands). it's only for about 20 people, so i was thinking of doing filo triangles so that i can put them together there and then they just need to be heated when they're needed. mum really likes a chicken curry one i do, and a mushroom one and a cheese and spinach for the veggies. one of Luke's cousins has also demanded the sausage rolls that i made for Luke's christening. desert will be cake (no surprise). I'm going to do a version of the opera cake that was a daring bakers challenge a while back, but with different flavours. and cupcakes for the kids.

but I've had this idea in my head for duck filos. duck with black fungus and ginger and spring onions. I'm just not sure how to get it all together. any suggestions would be most welcome! I'm having problems engaging the brain at the moment

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