Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This morning all of Australia is waking up to the shocking news: Starbucks is shutting most of its Australian stores, including all of its ones in Adelaide.

Oh my god. Where will people go if they need some ridiculously over sized very milky coffee with some strange sugary syrup in it provided buy some money hungry multinational giant trying to gain a monopoly on the global market while pushing local businesses out of work??? How will we all cope????

Well, I guess we'll have to go to some Australian owned chain. Or perhaps even one from Adelaide.

Or, mercy, here's an idea. Just go to a cafe. One owned by the people running it. They may even be bringing their kids up in the business. The other staff being part of the family may not be a 'motto' it may actually be a reality. And the money stays with these people, who have pride in creating a high quality product of their own. And so the money stays in their community. And multiplies to benefit that community.

Outrageous idea.

They probably also have some really lovely, home made cakes. Colour me crazy......


Joy the Baker said...

You're so funny!

I still have a Starbucks on every corner. I go out of my way to find a local coffee shop for my coffee and treat. It's always worth it.

Kitty said...

tee hee. thanks joy.

i too have a favourite cafe in the city. first place in adelaide to sell pizza, and it's still run by the same family. great breakfasts and great coffee (coffee that is just coffee. not a fashion statement).