Saturday, August 23, 2008

mmmm.... hello there

It has been commented on that I'm a lazy, useless blogger with no right to take up cyber space with my stagnant, uninteresting ramblings (actually, the comment was so and so noticed that you've not posted in a while - but i know how to read between the lines).

and do ya's know why?


Lots and lots of wine.

You may remember that I am doing a placement through my industry course looking at tourism in the wine industry in South Australia. Actually it's the wine industry in the Adelaide Hills region. The Adelaide Hills region has approximately 31 wineries, spread out over a huge amount of country. And most of them now know my face, so I can't walk in the door without the cheese platters arriving and glasses of wine being poured. Yes, I know it's hard. It's also bloody bloody expensive. There's great wine being produced in this area and everything I taste I want to buy. My study now closely resembles a cellar. Which is fine now because it's freezing. Come December it will all turn to vinegar.... if there's any left. tee hee.

Today one of my favourite places I visited Howard vineyards where the lovely Andy and Sophie took amazing good care of me, showed me round their fantastic cellar door and poured me a cab franc that is wonderful. They even have a rose that I bought, and I don't like rose (it will be nice on ice come December!). If you are in the Adelaide region, now or at any time, get yourself in to the Adelaide Hills, get yourself a cellar door guide and discover just how wonderful this region is. The Lobethal bakery makes a cheese cake slice you'd sell your soul for. And I haven't even started on the cheese, the cherries, the almonds, the lamb, the.........


Suzer said...

Just curious---what do you in the events industry in Adelaide? Do you think it's a good area for tourism & events jobs? That's my qualification.


Joy the Baker said...

wine!? WINE!? ooooooooh lucky you.

Kitty said...

hey joy, what can I say, it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. if you happen to be in australia this weekend, pop by, i've tonnes of wine!

suzer - i do relatively small scale events for a government agency, working with high school students (art exhibitions, achievement ceremonies etc). i think if you want to break into major public events, through an event managment agency the maket might be a little narrow. there are a couple around, and i'd hate to promote one over the other, but maybe a couple of weekends work experience, or just send in your CV? Flinders Uni runs an EXCELLENT 3 day industry certificate in festival and event design and management. I know you already have the qualification, but Steve Brown who runs it is THE events guru in Adealide (Womad, Arts Festivals, Sky Shows)- and this would be a great way for you to make contacts through him. Hope this is helpful!

Michelle said...

My girlfriend was the Adelaide Hills Wine Region Officer for 5 yrs. She put on the entire "Crush" and helped put up a lot of the wine tourism road signs. It's a great region and one where everyone knows everyone. I worked up at one of the wineries for a few months...can be DEAD in the winter though! :)