Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's not that I don't love winter, lordy knows, and lordy knows we all love the rain, I'm mean really, really, really love the rain. It could rain for another 10 years and the whole country would rejoice (rain, not flood!)...

.... however! The blossom in my neighbours front garden, and the daffs in mine (which I shan't photograph because there is no way of disguising the weeds), indicates that longer days and less night time freezing is on the way.

If only it could rain all day, fine up for my ride home and be cold, but not freezing at night, I'd be in heaven.

On a far more solemn note, today is 11 September. Seven years on, here in Australia, it's kinda easy to not realise just what the date is. And I am by no means saying that thousands, and thousands of people have not died in really, really shitty ways since them. Some of these deaths are the active responsibility of my government, and others' governments.

Someone who is probably in a better position to comment, is Marilla at Cupcake Rehab. Marilla not only bakes up scrummy looking cakes (I nick her recipes regularly), has the best eyebrows in cyberspace and fantastic gear for sale, but is a NYC resident, and she seems like she's got her head screwed on straight.

And I notice she's an Obama supporter. Now, I don't claim to understand all the details of the upcoming American election. I don't even claim to understand how their election system works. But I know this. Our previous PM espoused fear, hatred, war and economic growth at the expensive of those who were not in a position to defend themselves. He ignore what western nations were doing to the environment. He ignored the right that the original owners of the land we now all call home have to dignity and self determination. He ignored the voice of the people.

And it cost him.

And we danced and whooped and laughed. I was with 4,000 strangers the night of the election, and the feeling, amongst this diverse group of people was one of hope and happiness. All is not suddenly roses in old Oz. But mercy, Kevin '07 has taken steps that allow me not to be ashamed of my own country.

So if you have the opportunity to chose who represents you in the world, anywhere in the world - PLEASE!!! think about it. Don't put a tick in the same box you always do. Think how you, and your children, and your children's children, will have to justify the actions of this person you chose to represent you.

Don't be afraid of change, or the harder option, or the uncertain!!! Everything must change.

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Marilla said...

I'm flattered at the eyebrow comment! Its taken me a while to get back to normal ones, after getting a bit heavy handed with the tweezers when I was a youngin'... so thanks!!

And there was just a picture in the slideshow of the cutest cat ever! I felt the need to announce that I guess.