Sunday, September 28, 2008

blogging, 101

Hey, I just realised this my 101th post on Boring History Girl. I'm not sure if that's too many, or not enough for the time I've had this blog running, but there you have it.

I wish I had something interesting to say on this momentous occasion. In reality I am sitting in my office, knowing that I should be working on a job application, or a course report, but I am just surfing around looking at rubbish, while watching others drive the streets looking at rubbish. Yes, this week is hard rubbish collection in my suburb, and the scavengers are out in force. I put out a whole heap of old venetian blinds and bits and pieces from the back of my garden, but after only a few hours this is all that is left

I'm not sure what criteria those scavengers who have already visited are employing, but for some reasons these slabs of painted aluminium and a rusty old pot plant holder did not meet with their approval. hopefully by the time I wake tomorrow, they will be gone, because I'd much rather someone used them for something, or sold them onto someone who will use them for something that have them sit in landfill.

And it's funny, because it's actually illegal to remove all of this junk - the council owns it! It must be one of the most regularly broken laws in the kingdom. I guess the council sells some of it on too, but you'd think that the cost of collecting it all, and then the cost of dumping what can't be reused would make them grateful that other people are out there making the most of it. I have a couple of tables and a garden bench thanks to hard rubbish week. I should probably get in the car now and go for a drive in fact. But I shan't, I shall sit here and not do my work instead. I need to do laundry and change the kitty litter, but I have no motivation for even these most classic of procrastination tools.

I wonder what's on TV right now... ... ... sigh.... ... ...

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