Wednesday, April 8, 2009

As mentioned previous post I was making jiaozi on the weekend. My love of these little steamed dumplings full of pork and cabbage is legendary. If they're fried on the bottom I love them even more. So savoury, so... unctuous.

On Sunday I decided to put some water chestnuts in mine, as I had seen my favourite celeb chef do so, and also thought I'd give them a go more as dim-sims and steam them.

Of course I can't just have dumplings, coz of the unctuousness, so I usually stir fry a bunch of Chinese spinach with some garlic and hot pepper sauce to have with. So the wok is steaming hot. The oil is not boiling, but is smoking and I'm ready to go. But the healthy BHG in me (she's in there - deep deep down in you look really hard) thinks, that's too much oil, we'll pour some out and use it tomorrow.

You can guess what comes next.

This is the worst of the burns about three days later. It's all bubbly and ready to pop. I was very luck it could have been much much worse, and while running my hand under the water I was able to collect saucepans full of the water so the garden got a good drink as well.

So the moral of the lesson. Eat more oily food. Your health and safety depends on it.

PS: the dumplings were delicious.


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Kitty said...

what? The dumplings or the burn? Dumplings ARE delicious. Burns I'm not so sure about. But the blister has lost all its fluid and is saggy like an old lady's chicken neck (or like my chicken neck now we come to mention it)