Thursday, April 16, 2009

the sublime to the ridiculous

Having lived in the world of brief, self indulgent posts recently, I thought it time I put fingers to keys and pound out something slightly more serious - although admittedly the god post recently was a tad on the serious side.

This is the less serious side of god-stuff, the food. As you can see I baked Easter Bread, but that is JC Challenge post all of it's own. Really for me the table side of Easter is all about lamb. I had roast lamb, keftedes, hot lamb sandwiches. It was great. But Good Friday I went a bit traditional and, as a card carrying fish hater, cooked squid instead.

Buying a couple of squid, like fish, has elements of the hunter about it, because you get them whole. Glassy eyes staring out at you from the butchers paper. Ink oozing out like blood. Then you get to hold them firmly just above the eye and rip their guts out. Sounds more horrible than it is and the cats go absolutely crazy for the bits I don't want.

Then the cartilage comes out of the body

remove the skin and clean off the ink, and you're ready to roll.

just dust in flour seasoned with salt, pepper and Chinese five spice and fry in batches in hot hot oil.

If you're feeling good, roast some garlic and make your own aoli. Nothing beats home made aoli. And of course you have to make buckets of it, so the left overs are really great on your hot lamb sandwiches!

As a change of pace let's talk about the economy. It's screwed. Where I live, where you live, where we all live. GFC is now an accepted part of the vernacular. As someone involved in the tourism sector, I know that this means that discretionary spending has dropped and ticket sales have plummeted. Airlines are reluctant to close down routes or take off/landing spots, because it will be so hard to get them back when things pick up. So empty aircraft and circling the globe, loosing money as we speak.

So the sales are on, and I'm off to China.

Yes, based on a 15 minute GFC discussion at work, I decided to extend some existing leave and book a ticket on line, all done within half an hour of it coming up in conversation. $1000, all taxes and fees included. You can get to Europe for about $300 more. So I will be spending my birthday in Shanghai.

I am so excited I can't tell you. Really it would be much better for me to have taken the money that Kevin 07 is giving out and spent it in Australia. The reality is that I don't need the cash stimulus. I would have bought the air ticket anyway. I need my roof repaired and I'm doing that anyway. I'm also thinking seriously about re-doing the kitchen and putting in a solar hot water service. So tradesmen will do well from me this year.

And living in a country that is, in many ways, based on Socialist principles, you'd wonder why the living is so good, if you listen to some.

I've been known to promote other blogs from time to time, not mentioning Joy the Baker and Cupcake Rehab by name. But one of my favorite daily reads is a fellow Adelaidian (well, he lives here now). A Free Man is not afraid of diving into dangerous waters. Aside from (multiple) pictures of his son, you can often find social commentary in a writing style most of us can only dream of. Topic de jour? Well, amongst many things it seems to have turned into a right v's left wing debate. It has been claimed by one of AFM's readers that socialism is encouraging many to do too little only to be supported by those with more get up and go. Apparently we wouldn't have iPods if we were all socialists.

I'm not sure that would be such a bad thing.

But then again I'm a socialist. And an old fashioned kind of girl, who things that looking after others is just as important, if not more important, than looking after my own wants. I believe there's enough to go around if we're not greedy. The topic has turned to health care, something I know a fair bit about.

I could write something fabulous and/or inflammatory, but I'm too tired tonight. Visit A Free Man in a couple of days and join in the discussion. I'm looking forward to it!


Anita said...

Sounds like a fun and good food filled Easter. Hope you have a great time in China!

Marilla said...

Wow a birthdya in Shanghai! Thats awesome!

But the squid totally creep me out, though... gotta tell ya :/

Suzer said...

Have a fantastic trip. I was in China ages ago ('91) but I imagine it's hugely different now.

Kitty said...

Thanks ladies,I'm looking soooo forward to China. It's been about two years since my last holiday.... when I went to China. What can I say - it's near by and there's this little place that does the best noodles.

Marilla, you gotta give the squid a go. Nothing beats really fresh squid (although the freshest is when it's hauled off the jetty at Marion Bay, knocked on the noggin on the jetty and fried up with in the half hour. Now, that's eatin'!!)

A Free Man said...

First of all, calamari - yes!

Second, thanks for the link.

Third, enjoy China.

Fourth, is it really a good time to buy airline tickets? I'm trying to get my family out here later in the year. Maybe I should have them book now!

Kitty said...

yes, now is really a good time to buy airline tickets. The sale I got mine on ended about 90 minutes after I clicked on submit, but I should imagine the sales will come and go for the next 18 months or so, depending on how the whole global economy thing goes. I've noticed that a dodgy international travel chain that I won't mention by name is promoting trips to island resorts of Queensland for thrupence.