Saturday, June 20, 2009

when i was a lass - or grumpy old woman post 163

Last night, after a long day of feeling mighty poorly, I dropped one of the archaeologists from work who doesn't drive home (the faery archaeologist) and over a couple of drinks we decided that there needed to be an end-of-degree topic that covered all the general knowledge stuff that students these days don't seem to know about.

We came up with our top 10. Please bear in mind that these are very centred toward Dr A and my cultural backgrounds, but are all events/concepts that we have recently found evidence to show our Gen Y students know nothing about:

1. Kristallnacht (in fact most of WWII, or indeed WWI if we come to mention it)
2. Nefertiti
3. The difference between the students' cat and the student's cat
4. Indigenous Maritime Archaeology and the population of the Australian continent
5. Cultural Imperialism
6. The Boxer Rebellion and Opium Wars
7. The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
8. The origins of the English language
9. How to make your own bread
10. Why we owe so much to the feminist movement

Yes, as I said these have a strong humanities bent to them, but that's what we spend our days talking to students about, so this is what we know they don't know. If you get my drift.

I'm sure if we worked in science there'd be tonnes of science things (and numeracy) issues for us to deal with there. Any additions to our list would be welcome. All we need to do now is get the university to let us run it.

PS: If you are a Gen Y'er who knows this stuff, good on you. Could you come and do one of the degress in our School please?! We'd like to raise the tone a little.

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