Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the international year of fabulousness

In the past 24 hours I have two very poignant encounters with work colleagues. Although very, very different people, both of them extraordinarily intelligent, giving, wonderful people.

Yesterday Dr Space Junk returned from family Christmas sojourns in the Eastern States and we sat by the beach and drank a few glasses and ate fried potato, before I drove her home where we drank a few more glasses before I abandoned my car in her driveway to get a cab home.

But don't let the glasses stand in the way of our conversation. We have declared that in 2010 we will both be fabulous - at work, at home, everywhere. We will simultaneous exercise and eat well while still living the high life. We will quaff expensive champagne and hang the expense, but still have our five serves of veggies. DSJ is determined to be organised (and she has the kikki-k organiser to prove it), and I have vowed that work take much more of a back seat in my life. By December you will not know us from the fabulousness.

Today we put another wonderful member of our university clan in the cold, cold ground. Less than four weeks after being diagnosed with a brain tumor he died last week. The number of bums on seats and the total absence of dry eyes a testimony to just how much this chap could get under your skin. So again, there are vows to not end up at 55 and looking down the barrel of death without taking every opportunity. No more taking work home. No more worrying about the small stuff - not that he did, his life was no doubt full of outstanding personal and professional achievement, and the wickedest sense of humour ever. I'm not sure who I will practice my shocking Chinese with now - his tones were even worse than mine if that is possible.

So, 在见老师 , and bring on the International Year of Fabulousness.

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