Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am not a good blogger

It's been nearly a month since my last post, and I just realised I had a comment sitting there all un-loved and un-attended to (sorry Gypsy). It's also been more than a week since I checked my emails - so many jokes sent from France, photos from Newcastle and messages from my local council about library tours and historical walks.

I'm slack. I'm lazy. I'm self-absorbed.

I also have a more than full time job (I've only been working there since before Christmas had I have over 50 hours owing to me), a cycling habit, a feline boarding house (or it feels like it some times), one of whom has medical problems (I gave my vet - who is wonderful - $350 yesterday), I cook, I clean, I do all the normal stuff. Saturday is great. Saturday is the day I catch up on my sleep, and today was pretty standard with a five hour middle of the day snooze. And I'm ready to go back to sleep right now. NOW!

And so BHG suffers.

And I have nothing really to report.

Seen two films recently. Slum Dog Millionaire. If you haven't read the book I'm sure you'll think it's great. If you have read the book, you'll probably go away feeling just slightly let down.

And Milk.

Milk was interesting. For those of you living in a coma (or the deep south), it tells the story of Harvey Milk who became the first openly gay man elected to office in America. He also was active in overturning a lot of very homophobic laws and as a result was assassinated.

Really, I've grown up quite protected. I have gay family members. My mother had several close gay friends when I was young, and they were all out with her and therefore me. I've never even thought that them being gay made them different anymore than being female made me different, or being Chinese made my best friend different (I was also blessed with growing up in a very multi-cultural world in boring, bland 1970s Australia). Intellectually I knew that gay and lesbian men and women didn't always have life as easy as they do today, and that today it isn't as easy as it should be. But the level and the openness of the homophobia took me back a bit.

How stupid of me. I always forget that humans are vile creatures.

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