Sunday, March 29, 2009


Update: Still in grumpy mood. I'm tired. I've got cravings. My personal and professional lives are totally, utterly shit.

And I own the most boring blog in the world. BHG was supposed to be a history blog. No surprises there. Then it kind of turned into a food blog. But I'm too disinterested in life to bother with food at the moment, so there's none of that either. But as I have almost no personality of my own, I'm a terribly easily led person, willing to jump on almost any bandwagon that comes my way.

And I've found a new one. Running with Tweezers is one of my favourite food blogs, and one that doesn't get the press it deserves. Tami has this new thing going when she tries to eat for $30 a week, which is vaguely in line with what people who get some sort of government food assistance live off of. I've done the calculations, or some web based converter has done it for me, and today that's about AUD$45. Could I eat for $45 a week? I've just got back from the shops and I spend over $50 at the butcher alone, although most of that is for the cats, I'm hoping I don't have to feed all four of us on that sum. Yes dear readers, I spend $50 on feeding my cats while thousands starve. No wonder I'm so disliked by so many.

I'm going to be even more selfish and horrible, in that while I'm going to give this a shot, I'm going to wait until after Easter, because I want to eat hot cross buns and roast lamb and organic chicken and all of that sort of thing at Easter. At least this will help me with one of my New Year Resolutions to cut back on my red meat consumption. Which is probably good as the results of research that were recently released indicate the bbq'd red meat is a one way ticket to cancer-ville. Another one of life's small pleasures to cross off the list I guess.


Suzer said...

Come out to the pub tonight for an expat meet up and hang out with a bunch of foreigner's...that should set you right;)

Kitty said...

ha! that probably would have been fun. i suspect by now your all up to your eyes in ale somewhere. thanks for the thought!

Suzer said...

We do it once a month---under Expats in Adelaide on Facebook, and you're more than welcome to join one should be 6th May.

A Free Man said...

The meat thing sucks. I mean for the love of all that's holy what can I do that gives me pleasure and won't kill me. Here's hoping you pull out of that rut.