Sunday, March 15, 2009

too tired to think of a good title

All in all I should be in a great mood. I've had tonnes of sleep this weekend, am about to head out for a wine soaked afternoon, and most importantly have just been out for breakfast.

An Indian Breakfast.

Now I'm a big fan of Asian style breakfasts. Bacon and eggs and bubble and slice are great. Toast and Vegemite will do in a pinch. Home made muesli always makes me feel self righteous. However big steaming bowls of hot and sour soup with noodles and dumplings and mushrooms, or roti soaked in curry sauce is always a superior way to start the day I feel.

Poor Princess errs on the cup of tea side of breakfast, and when we used to share she found the smells I would create in the kitchen first thing in the morning just a little too much. However her partner, let's call him Mr Princess, shares my view of early morning sustenance, and so we convinced her to try out a new restaurant that's open recently near the central markets, The Village. Mr and Ms Princess had eaten there previously - for lunch. But The Village offers a proper Indian breakfast.

Their website is very much like the business - the English leaves a little to be desired, and it's slightly disorganised. The almost seemed surprised when we walked in: 'oooo... customers. Well, we hadn't planned for that!'. Ordering tea also seems to flummox them, which considering it's an Indian gaff was a bit of a concern.

However the food totally made up for any disorganisation and certainly made up for the extended period we had to wait. I had the Vada Sambal, which is often a favourite of mine. Wonderful lentil doughnuts in a, well a lentil sauce with lots of sambal and coconut chutney. Princess has Chole Bhaturra. This was a favourite of mine when I was in India, and I had stayed away from it so as not to be disappointed, but hers was very nice. The fella had Puri Bhaaji, a fantastic curry of potatoes and peas served with a bread that was almost half way between a roti and a parantha. This was voted the winner of our dishes and what I will be having next time I go, and there will be a next time! The waiters also fawned all over baby Princess and sat with him at the next table to play, which allowed all to eat without little hands going into our dishes.

So, yes I should be feeling great. However I feel decidedly under the weather. A little queasy in the stomach and certainly not in the mood for a wine soaked afternoon. I was going to ride down to West Beach to get soaked, but that's a good 45 minute ride each way and it's windy here so it'll be blowing a gale down near the coasts, so I think I'll drive, have a glass of water, say hello and leave again.

Maybe I'll stop in town on the way home for some dahl......

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A Free Man said...

I'm not much of a breakfast guy, but that sounds pretty damn good.