Sunday, March 22, 2009

what i did on my weekend

I would like to be able to say that the bad mood I was in last week had drifted away. But I don't want to lie to you all. It's been a crappy crappy week and a pretty average weekend. I can't work out why but a blanket of weary has been draped over me and the energy to get out of bed, let alone do much once I'm up, has totally escaped me. So this weekend I've slept again, and not much else. I was even too tired to participate in Joy's breakfast plans, and I love breakfast.

Today I even invested in some multivitamins. All in all I think vitamins are the world's biggest scam. The body's really good at looking after itself - eat well and all should be right. I'm giving myself 30 days to see if they really make any difference at all. I've gone long distance runner rather than batting great.

However as you can see from this photograph, I had a few little jobs to do. This time last year I was working an easy 15 minute ride from home. These days I go further south, up greater inclines and further distances. I really enjoy it, the ride to work is my favourite part of the day. However this revised route takes me through sparkle land. That's to say that every bogan in town seems to have deposited a smashed vodka cruiser bottle along my route. As it's now still pitch black when I leave home I've had to change four inner tubes in two weeks. Aside from the annoyance of this, and the cost, it detracts greatly from the enjoyable aspect of a cycling commute. I had a delightful 90 minute walk in the pouring rain while pushing a bike with a flat tyre and two fully laden panniers on Monday.

This was exacerbated by the panic of everything I had to do for a 9am meeting. I had planned on doing it the Friday before - I'm not a last minute rush kinda person - but the computers at work had gone down at about 9.30 until around 4.00. What a waste of a day. So I was very mindful of my need to be not only on time, but early on Monday. So after my brisk walk I sat down to get everything done.



This really set the tone for my week. Except Wednesday, Wednesday was great, but I'll talk about that when I'm in a better mood.

I'm hopefully that I will wake tomorrow full of beans, have a great ride (I haven't spent more than 10 minutes on the bike since Monday) and will get all sort of important things finalised and all will be well with the world. I also have an exciting weekend ahead next week, so beans are needed!!!


A Free Man said...

Consider yourself lucky. Australia is remarkably litter free compared to Britain. I remember biking to work dodging broken glass, McDonalds wrappers, human feces, piles of vomit and comatose chavs. Oz is a blessedly clean relief.

Kitty said...

It's true, there's blessedly little vomit on my ride. However when I was living in Paris I used to slip-n-slide my way from the metro station on seas of merde de chien.

Agnes said...

Oh help. I've always thought our litter here was pretty bad. Not nice to hear that the UK is worse!

Sorry you had a shitty week Kitty - here's hopeing this week is kinder to you.