Tuesday, January 15, 2008

buyao fang weijing

i have been trying to load a Chinese font on my machine tonight, but the microsoft website won't give me any options for vista. ggggrrrrrr... if it had worked, i could have written buyao fang weijing in characters. What it means is I don't want any MSG.

I had dinner tonight at my favourite chinese restaurant. unfortunately the food made me feel really sick: stomach pains, sweating and a quick rush to the loo. my friend says they're symptoms of a MSG reaction. i hope not. i used to be able to eat what ever i wanted without any of this sort of palaver. and this place does the most divine dumplings. i will have to practice - buyao fang weijing! a can't give up my fried shandung fried dumplings! and their duck with golden mushroom sauce. oh, so good.

on a totally different note, this is a photo i took while re-arranging my newly painted house. they're little marzipan nuns, that were made by a friend to go on a cake for a surprise birthday. i love nuns. a lot. almost as much as i love cats. and pandas. and orangutans. and fried shandung dumplings. anyway, i've kept the nuns, they're about three years old now, and grace the top of my tv. i like to rearrange them, so they always have someone new to talk to. don't say i don't know how to enjoy myself....

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