Sunday, January 20, 2008


this is my new favourite website, which i was introduced through a teacher's online community at work. lots of excellent things and i am wasting far too much time that i could be outside with the trees and the birds and the faeries trawling through it. There is even a pie one, even though it is an american sweet pie, rather than a good, ol' fashioned aussie meat pie. but this one is 'modular' 20-sided pie. i guess the challenge is to work out if i can do this with a savoury pie. i guess you could use a pizza style pie. father is on his way home from egypt where they make a pizza like thing, called a fatir, which is a fillo style based covered with either savoury or sweet fillings and is just delicious. then again i could just make a regular fatir and not waste time making 20 triangular pie trays.

the cupcake trials went very well yesterday. put a peanut butter filling in one, as suggested by cupcakerehab, and it turned out very well indeed. peanut butter is not normally one on my things, but the thick, sensual texture of the paste around the indulgent gooiness of the cake (i used jc's recipe) is just divine. i'll take some pictures of the final ones next week and upload if they work well. am going to try a few variations, but am a bit short on time, so this might have to be a project that goes a couple of weeks!

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