Monday, January 28, 2008

sticky keys

i am getting grease all over my keyboard!

several years ago my brother got a big bbq from one of those hire places for a party - the kind you see at sausage sizzles. they forgot to ask for it back and we neglected to return it, so it wasn't actually stealing. if they'd asked we would have happily taken it back! but anyway, now the bbq is mine. and in honour of australia day i had fran and fiona around for a bbq, indian style.

i've been looking for an excuse to cook mutabak, which i saw on the cook and the chef. needless to say there isn't a photo of mine on here, because they look nothing like the ones on this site. i was worried about not being able to get the dough thin enough, but sitting the balls in oil makes them really easy to roll out. also makes your kitchen table really, really oily. but they look great in the bowl, the photo doesn't show it well, but it looks like they're in a pond of golden mirrors.

had a lovely time making dahl, and kebabs (tandoori chicken and coriander lamb) and sauces for the kebabs and aloo parantha. enough food to feed a small army. these are the kebabs i had left after we had eaten and i'd given both fran and fiona some to take home. so i will be having left overs for dinner every night this week. and i have a thai curry in the fridge left over from friday night, and dumpling filling! i should also try to have some fruit and vegetables along the way (other than garlic, onion and ginger that is).

I should have taken a photo of everything on the table, because i was really pleased with the way it turned out, but we were eating outside and there just wasn't enough light. anyway now i am eating the last of the murtabak and hoping the dishes will have done themselves by the time i'm done!

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