Tuesday, January 8, 2008

tea for three

ok, it was tea for four. JC, me and our bikes. this is a photo of my bike tom. isn't he handsome? the four of us headed into china town for tea at dumpling king. could there be anything more divine that jiaozi, particularly if they're fried pork ones. the fat of the dumpling filling, with the cabbage and the the garlic, added to the velvety smoothness of the fried skins. dumpling king isn't my favourite venue for the dumplings themselves, that joy goes to the good people at Mandarin House, the home-made chili sauce here is just to die for! they do great tea too, in little thermos flasks on the table, just like you get in china.

but i have made a vow that i will not spend too much time tied to the computer tonight, and that i will go and read my book, so i had better not get started or once again it will be midnight before i know it

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