Saturday, January 19, 2008

more links than one post can stand

i'm not really a baker. i like to cook. baking always involves having the right amount of the right things, which requires a degree of organisation that just doesn't come naturally to me. having said that i'm trying cupcakes this weekend. i was just going to go with nigella (who seems to have no small number of recipes herself) but one link from JC has taken me all over the web. there really are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of blogs about cupcakes. although now i'm thinking about home made vanilla lemonade. but i should concentrate on the cakes. JC has given me her recipe, and a lovely looking ganache icing mix, so i'm going to have a practice run tonight. But I've just seen a photo which is making me think about pizza with pesto and roasted red peppers. i have a pepper in the fridge that's past it's prime that i could roast and i have the fixings for dough. all i need now is a jar or pesto and some cheese.....

but right now i'm stuck at home, while i wait for my new outdoor setting to be delivered. i have evil plans for the australia day long weekend.

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