Sunday, February 8, 2009

All over the shop

mmmm... I suspect that this post will be all over the shop, so I think I shall try to order it's contents in a numerically stratified manner, in order to encourage orderly reading.

1. The Full English
2. Sheherazade Goldsmith
3. ODI
4. The Weather (naturally)
5. Fire
6. Why Marilla Rocks

1. The Full English
For many reasons I have been hunting around in blog-o-sphere slightly more than normal. Some of this can be attributed to laziness and procrastination. So, no great surprises there. However I have just come across the London Review of Breakfasts. I recently bumped into an old lover (lover is such a funny word. This guy didn't really qualify as a boyfriend, but lover sounds so Casablanca). However this guy had recently been to the UK for the first time. We concurred 'there's a lot of bad food in Britain', and that this would make a good name for an album. The English Breakfast is one of life's great challenges. When it's good, my word they transcend the divine, but when they're bad they leave you let down emotionally and physically, and crushed for days. My mate BBITW makes a very good breakfast. So does Uncle J. And so do I it must be said. However if you're ever lost and alone south of the river, look up Cafe Rossi, just near the Borough Markets. They do bubble and squeak that you'd crawl over hot coals on your tongue for. Good fried slice too. Continental bread.

This lovely site has also given me a new catchphrase: "the quotidian side of luxury". This will not surprise my friends, it's the pretentious over-educated drivel I normally come out with.

2. Sheherazade Goldsmith
You may remember a little while ago I made some environmentally conscious NYRs. I can report that the stinky weather has made me drive more than I said I would, but that I am riding to work a lot which is cutting down on my carbon emissions. I have a bloke coming to see me about installing rain water tanks next week. I am also have two vegetarian days a week. Most people think of me as a tofu kind girl. And I do love tofu a lot. I also love steak and sausages and lemon and thyme chicken, so this is a big deal for me.

3. ODI
If you don't know what ODI stands for, this probably won't interest you. It's currently 0/92 in the eighteenth. This may even turn into a proper match. That'd be something! Not sure what to make of the hoo-ha about the song in the dressing room. I think tradition is important, and without tradition cricket is... ... well it's the IPL. Shudder.

4. The Weather
I had to sleep under the covers last night. It was very exciting. I also, finally, finished putting up my bamboo blinds, which involved re-stringing them and putting in the little butterfly things you tie the cord around. I can now finally dine al fresco without burning my retinae out.

5. Fire
Unfortunately half of Australia is on fire. I remember the Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983. I was still in primary school, and my school was in the foot hills so many of my friends had to leave early to get home before the roads were closed. Once the sun went down you could see the fire front moving across the hills, and frankly down the hills. I was terrified and had to go and stay at my father's house in the city. One of his close friends lost their house in those fires. Back then I was probably too young to realise just how many people not only lost their homes, but their lives, being too caught up in my own angst. This year entire towns have been wiped off the face of the earth, and still living in the foot hills I would be naive to think it couldn't happen to me. I'd have to be unlucky, really unlucky, but I guess it's possible. Also having a friend in the CFS I know how hard it is for them, so my best thoughts are with you all.

6. Why Marilla Rocks.
Marilla knows why she rocks. Cheers hen. Will get around to returning the favour and sharing your generosity with the world soon.

Over And Out


A Free Man said...

The fires are freaky scary, especially since SA is as much of a tinder box as Vic. And there is apparently a pretty incompetent firebug up in the Adelaide hills as well. I understand a lot of crimes but arson? Not so much.

The Full English is just not something I can get into that much - it's the black pudding - give me a bagel with smoked salmon and I'm a happy chappy.

Kitty said...

Lordy man, what are we going to do with you? No pudding????? One day, take yourself to Pranzo, it's by the old stock exchange, and they do a lovely breakfast, and one of the options is Italian style pudding with poached eggs and pancetta.

Fish makes me gag at the best of times, the thought of putting it on a morning stomach is more than I can stand.