Sunday, February 1, 2009

it's that time of year again

Yes, the academic year is upon us. Well actually for those slacker under-graduates it doesn't start until March. MARCH???? Can you believe it.

But I am at it again. Well only kind of, as I've been asked to adapt a paper I wrote last year for submission to the SATC for publication, so I should actually put some effort into this.

But procrastination is upon me again. The fact that there's cricket on today doesn't help. Thank God it's New Zealand or all may be lost. So I sitting here drinking dry white with lots and lots of ice and listening to the Go-Betweens. "Teenage Rasputin takes the sting from a gin", is one my all time favourite lyrics - and I've been compiling a desert island tracks list, so I've been giving this sort of thing some though.

Comment, yell, shout - BHG - Just write the bloody paper and get it over with!!!

As a parting gift I refer you to this article on the death of the noble English language.


Jud said...

Quit checking your blog to see if your readers have posted comments and get back to work on your paper.

Hehe...drink some wine and ponder why there is a dearth of religious references in Tacitus' Agricola.

Also, I had a brace of cats named Cato and Brutus. They liked playing with birds, living and dead.

Arizaphale said...

Procrastination is my middle name....this is why I have a blog. Also, I too drink wine with ice,
a) keeps it cold
b) keeps me hydrated
c) stops me drinking so much/so fast

And I don't give a rat's ass what the wine buffs think!!!

Hope you got your paper done.

Kitty said...

Jud - You'll be pleased to know that my schozz was placed well and truely to the grindstone (only to be told that at the moment the SATC only wanted to use the graphs. aaaaaaaggghhhhhhhh).

At the moment I have Antonius Pius and Apollo, and Thurston, whose real name is Vercingetorix. Long story. Euripides and Aeschylus were in the past.

Arizaphale - the wine in the with the rocks was given to me by the winemaker. She says she always drinks it with ice in this weather so the wine buffs can go hang I say.

A Free Man said...

March is going to be here far too soon, as I have a lecture to give on the 6th, which I will likely write on the 5th.