Sunday, February 15, 2009

an exciting new project

I have just received an email from Chris at A Free Man. He has an interesting cyber-project going, which involves bloggers interviewing each other. Sounds like a lot of fun and a good way of discovering some people who read the same sites as you. I only discovered Chris' site relatively recently, but it's always a good read, and really thought provoking, so if you haven't been there yet I suggest you check it out. He also shares my taste in music, which in suburban Adelaide can be a bit rare, so that also impresses me.

Tonight for the first time in ages I'm baking. Predominately it's for a film night that an environmental organisation I'm involved with is putting on later in the week. There's also a bushfire fund raiser tomorrow at work, and despite my misgivings I'm putting some of the white chocolate and strawberry cupcakes I'm working on in the ring for that. I have some ethical issues with the way morning teas are organised at my new place of employment, but I've been far too controversial of late, so I will let this one simmer (read: fester) and come back to it at a later date.

I will go to morning tea, and throw my spectacular cupcakes in the ring, however my money will be going to the Wildlife Victoria fund. If you've been touched by the tragedy in Victoria, but like me think that a billion dollars (the latest tally) is enough for us horrid human beings, this might be a nice alternative.


A Free Man said...

It's worth noting that I'm not of suburban Adelaide, hence the good music taste.


Jud said...

Sounds liek a neat idea. Glad to hear you made it through safely.

I worked for the US Forest Service in college and fought many a wildfire. Although I know little to nothing about the actual situation there, it used to amaze me in the US the number of people who lived in remote areas that did little to fireproof, or attempt to fireproof their residence from wildfires.

I trust that most Aussies are somewhat smarter than most of us here in the States.

Kitty said...

AFM, *sigh*, yes I know....

Jud, I wouldn't think too much of the Australian bush-dweller. No amount of fire-proofing would have saved these house from this particular fire, but I'm amazed at how many people living in these bushfire danager zones were un-insured. 4 in 5 is a figure I've heard, but that just seems unbelievable.