Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the most glorious feeling in the world

Most of my friends will tell you that I'm addicted to sleep. It's my favourite state of being and my favourite thing to do. Better than cooking. Better than swimming. Better than a good book. Almost as good as sitting at a taverna in Greece with the waves lapping the shores metres from your feet, while you work your way through palates of beer and plates of mezedes. Almost.

But the best feeling in the world is the one I have right now. I'm tired. Bone tired, the tired that consumes your whole body and weighs down every limb so that your fibiae almost drag themselves towards the bedroom. But my mind is a million miles an hour. I've done more than 30km in the saddle today (which is a lot in this heat). I've been to my mothers for dinner so I'm full of chicken with sumac but have ridden home with the cooling nighttime air streaming through my hair and my clothes. Right now I'm sitting here receiving emails from around the globe, a wickedly strong gin and tonic on one side of the keyboard and a puring cat on the other. The temptation to put on the Arcade Fire's album Funeral at a volume detectable by NASA and dance like a crazy thing until three in the morning is almost all consuming.

Of course I won't. I'm far too old and sensible and have a 7am breakfast meeting, so in the not too distant future and I will finally take my shoes off and put my head on the pillow. I will be asleep in seconds. But right now a sense of total and utter euphoria is taking over me.

mmmmm...... maybe one more gin before I turn in......


A Free Man said...

That Arcade Fire album - pure brilliance. The second one is even better, I think.

Kitty said...

mmmm... Neon Bible is a great album, but Funeral is one of my all time favourites. It lives permanently in my 6-disk CD player.