Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a day of feasts

i could talk this evening about all of the crappy things that happened to me at work, after a sleepless night worrying about all of the crappy things that happened to me at work.but instead i shall show you some pictures and talk about some of the things i ate today. it started with breakfast at lucias, in the wonderful adelaide central food markets. i had my usual, flat white and a bacon and salad lepijna. they put such lovely vegetables, and all in the right combinations in their lepijna, capsicums and red onions and carrot and lettuce. mmmm.. and antonio bought me my first easter gift, this little chick with really lovely easter chocolate hidden underneaththe day progressed in a very ho-hum fashion, until I met the best boss in the world for dinner at the dumpling king. this is what was left over (the empty plate once held a dozen pork and cabbage boiled dumplings. they were far, far too good to have any left overs).
I guess it's better than last night, when i had a packet of skittles for dinner - i was just too tired to do anything else. hey, they're a serve of fruit, right?

and when i got home, i had this video in my inbox from princess. the story goes that these two guys reared a lion cub in england until it got so big they were made to take it to a wildlife park in africa (which, let's face it is where lions belong). they went back a year later but were warned the lion wouldn't remember them... I'd like a lion please

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