Saturday, February 23, 2008

the passion and the pain

i've just got back from the st jermone's laneway festival (maybe collecting photos of festival drinking age wrist bands will be my new hobby). the main reason was to see okkervil river. they were just dreamy. i hung around for the next act (broken social scene), but they just weren't doing it for me, so i came home. ended up paying $75 for a 45 minutes set. worth every single cent! mixed crowd, even laid eyes on some blasts from the deep, dark, distant past.

however princess metioned to me that the Jesus and Mary Chain (hereafter refered to as JAMC), who are playing the V-festival, are doing a side show in melbourne, so the first thing i did was go online to book tickets.


they are playing the same night that the freakin' technology show opens - and i am supposed to be running the opening. although we haven't actually confirmed that there will be an official opening this year. i'm thinking not. it's very expensive to run and no one comes.....

please, please, please let there be no opening so i can fly to melbourne and rock it out at the corner hotel with the kids to jamc. pleeeeeeeease......

now i'm sitting here eating a very lack-lustre bowl of pesto and scheming. what i want is something seriously delicious. i am supposed to be being careful with what i'm eating. i've turned into a right little porker recently.

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