Tuesday, February 5, 2008


the last week or so has been totally mad!

firstly work has been really demanding. after the departure of the best boss in the world, i have been working my arse off whilst trying to get the most important event of the organisation's year off the ground. this has involved me sucking up to both the governor and the minster (through their respective people), which is something i really hate doing! ooopps... just remembered no one is meeting the minister while she arrives. must email self to get this fixed!

but now to the fun stuff. BDO on Friday was just wonderful. Arcade Fire were completely amazing, it's been a long time since i've seen anyone as good live. pleeeeeease let them tour here again soon! also caught some of billy bragg, the hilltop hoods and bjork, who were also all good. too many bogans there though - tony was right. but managed to get home at a reasonable hour and stone cold sober.

this meant that i was able to get up nice and early to start the cooking for young luke's christening on the sunday. he's such a cutie. i've never been to a christening before (and all my friends thing i'm catholic), and it was quite interesting. lainiebird’s family are somewhat mad and heavy drinkers, but there is no surprise there and i had a lovely time. But again was totally exhausted and had to crawl home to bed early.

this weekend i have promised myself a quiet one, with lots of baking. I will go to the markets on the way home from work and do my food shopping and then stop in and prepare my entry(s) for my first ever cupcake hero event. It’s liquor this month, which has given me so much food for thought i can’t tell you. also had a package waiting for me when i got home, and had the terrible melvin twins for dinner, so all is good with the world.

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