Sunday, February 24, 2008


i'm not sure if i mentioned it, but my television bit the bullet early in the week. it's nearly as old as me, so it's served my family well. i have decided not to replace it (at least in the short term). i am going to through the first semester (until about mid june) with out one to see just how much i miss it. if the answer is 'not really' i will leave in a tv-free zone. i must say i got home from the fringe opening on friday night and really just wanted to watch rage for a bit before i sunk into bed (my mobile phone also kicked the bucked over the weekend, but that's another post all of its own).

the hope is that i will do a lot more study, keep a cleaner house, read more and generally be a more well rounded person. i am listening to chinese dialogues as i type this - wo bu jiao lili.

it also means that i have been spending far too much time on line looking at stuff. i bought the entire okkervil river back catalogue the other day, looked at the ABC's greatests speeches of all time, googled some sites about perikles, and - of course - looked at a lot of food.

i'm thinking of having a week where everything i eat will have come off of someone else's site. it's hard becuase, living on my own, a recipe's worth of food normally feeds me for a week. maybe i'll have to have someone different over every night so i can cook for them. and take the baked goods to work (work are already sick of eating my left over baked goods). if i do this i think i'll start with joy the baker's flax meal muffins. they look greeeeat.

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