Saturday, February 9, 2008


my lazy weekend started with a ride (not lazy i know) to the bottle shop for minatures for my cupcake hero cakery tomorrow, and to get bottles of wiltons colouring for the same purpose.

then it was home to roast some tomatoes. this is them before they went in the oven (with a head of garlic of course)

i'm not italian - curses - so there are no fields of lovely vine ripe tomoatoes in my back garden, or zias and zios gallore to help fire up the copper and cap the bottles of sauce... so i got mine at the markets and am roasting them in the oven. and only enough to last a week or so, because i can't bottle them so they're just going in the fridge. but i think it with be gnocchi tonight, which will also give the less than new potatoes in my cupboard a home, and tomorrow it will be pizza.

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