Friday, January 30, 2009

6 random thoughts

random thought number 1.
Happy New Year! May you be happy and prosperous.

I've been sitting at home under the aircon and watching Kylie Kwong's My China on the ABC. Despite the heat it's made me hungry for Chinese food. Steaming bowls of 面 (noodles), fried 饺子 (dumplings) or lovely 包子 (buns) like the one Kylie's eating here, full of sweet sticky pork or swimming with green vegetables cooked with lots of rice wine and pinenuts. Or the lovely pastries that they used to make outside my block of flats in Xian, full of pork mince and spring onions and deep fried - never really worked out what they were called. Breakfast of champions. I miss China, I hope I get to go back soon.

random thought number 2
It's still hot. No - really. This photo is of the footpath buckling in the city centre. I have even heard from a friend in Berlin that our heatwave has made the German news. Four days down, seven or so to go. But at least it gives us something to talk about. Total strangers, those colleagues with whom you have an un-easy relationship, people at the bus stop - you now all have something to talk about. But there's a lovely breeze blowing now and I predict good nights sleep for all.

random thought number 3
Since my post last weekend on the dangers of the flag, I have encountered lots of radio or print media editorials or current affair shows on the trend of flag waving, and the particularly bogan-esque tendency of the prodigy of the nouveau riche to tie them around their necks and wear them like a cape. Knock it off you National Front hoons.

random thought number 4
My baby Antonius Pius caught his first rat today. He saw it high in the camellia and shook it down. Apollo was most intrigued by this and sat at the base of the tree wondering when the next one was going to fall out. They're cute. It was less cute when the rat made its way indoors.

random thought number 5
I am sick to death of people complaining about the power going off. It's a billion degrees people things are bound to struggle, 30 years ago none of would have had air conditioning and we all got by. I'm sure ETSA are not turning off the power just to spite us.

random thought number 6
I still fancy some Chinese food... ... ...

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