Wednesday, January 14, 2009

you can never quarantine the past

As the result of a political rant on another site, I have decided to resurrect history weeks. After all, I am the boring history girl.

I think from the post at the above link I have made it fairly clear that I harbour no ill-will towards individuals from any particular country, and that politics and individuals are different things. I would also like to add that AFM managed to name this post, with obscure (maybe) reference to its content, but in a way that described the whole thing. Sir, my hat goes off to you.

This is obviously a sensitive issue, so to show my love to all human kind, the next history week will be American week (Rome week was last, and a long time ago in a galaxy far far away).

I'm not sure when this history week will actually happen. But there will be a full week of posts with a history lesson and a cooking lesson each day.

Now, Roman history is a bit of a forte. I have obvious parts of American history that I know about, Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement, the recent, outstanding presidential election, Martin Luther King Jr etc. mmmm.... I can see now that these are all quite recent.

If you are American, living in America, or in a position to speak knowledgeably about America, I want to know what part of history I should be learning about, and what I should be cooking.

I have one simple rule. No recipes with Coke in it.

You can either post a comment with your suggestions here (I'm happy to google for recipes) or email them to me at

After than will come Australia week. Oh, as Australia day is 26 January it should come first. But I'm off to see Leonard Cohen at McLaren Vale, so it will all have to wait. I'm ashamed to say I will have to research Australian history just as thoroughly as I will American.

But get your suggestions in, I can't wait to see what happens.

As an aside, if you've read this site more than once you'll know that I harbour deep passion for Joy the Baker and her wonderful site. So Joy, this is wishing you luck for the upcoming results.


A Free Man said...

First of all - enjoy Leonard Cohen! I didn't know he was coming. And so close.

Check out the American Civil War - it's a fascinating part of our history and the source of both a lot of the racial strife of the 60's and the nationalism of most of the last century.

Kitty said...

I will most certainly enjoy Leonard. I can tick most of the big names off my list now - New Order, The Ramones, Sonic Youth and now Leonard. Chemical Brothers are in there to but a little out of genre.

The Civil War would be interesting, I fear I'd need a year of reading to do it justice, but I'll wikipaedia it ;-)

Does where ever you come from in America have a local dish? God knows what Adelaide's would be. Pie floater i guess.......

Jud said...

I concur with AFM. I have lived in the Deep South most of my life, and that event, remembered or mis-remembered, has had a tremendous impact on American life.

The history of the WWI and the limited involvement of the US, the influenza pandemic that followed, then the Depression also had a lot to do with why the US was slow to enter WWII as a direct combatant.

An interesting popular read on the Civil War is Tony Horowitz's "Confederates in the Attic". It is by no means a history of the war, but more on how it lingers.

I live in a city and state where a lot of the major Civil Rights action took place, so I will be interested in hearing your impression of that as well.