Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I think I need to admit it. I'm not a daring baker.

I tried, really I did. But the recipes are always so long and complicated and need a piece of equipment I don't have and make quantities of food I can't consume. It's not that I don't have the right skills to make them, or that I'm not prepared to buy the gee-gaw that I need, it's just that I run out of time and make the month's challenge in a rush and panic and therefore don't enjoy it. And I enjoy being in my kitchen most of the time.

So after I post this I'm emailing the fine ladies who do a wonderful job running the show and taking my name off the blogroll.

My grate (sic) mate JC came to the conclusion that she's not a daring baker some time ago. So we're starting our own challenge. We're not sure what yet, but next Christmas it will be a gingerbread house.

I'm going to suggest we work our way through the un-made recipes in our 'cook this' folders in our favourites. Or choose a different blog each month and cook something off that (my first votes are for the wonder Joy at Joy the Baker, followed closely by the insanely witty and wonderful Garret at Vanilla Garlic, and then the gorgeous Marilla at Cupcake Rehab. Visit their sites, cook their stuff today is my advice to you). Maybe then we can just pick someone from their blogrolls and do something from there next.

And what's great is that there's no rush or pressure. We get it done when we get it done, and we can pick exactly what we want - although there will be a battle because JC will want sweet and I will want savoury, but I'm sure we'll work that out.

On a personal note, today was not as good as yesterday, but was still pretty good. I was in meetings until nearly noon. Noon people!!! How can my colleagues talk so much! But I feel like I'm getting on top of stuff finally in the new job.


Dolores said...

You are NOT a failure -- many people struggle a lifetime to realize what works for them and let go of what doesn't. I will miss your daring baker posts, but look forward to whatever "next challenge" you set for yourself.

Do keep us posted... several of your ideas sound like things I'd love to try. :)

Kitty said...

Thanks Delores, and thanks also to Lis who sent me a lovely email that you can't see here.

I'm stuned to think that anyone ever reads my posts, DB or otherwise, by anything other than accidents. I hope that now I can stop feeling guilty about not making the deadline and spend more time doing other stuff. Stay tuned for the JC/BHG challenges! We have picked the first one, so hopefully it won't be long