Friday, January 2, 2009

you made that bed, now LIE DOWN!

It has been revealed on the news in the last 48 hours that Australia may be asked to resettle detainees from Guantanamo Bay, and Kevin 09 is thinking of taking them.

Now, I don't want terrorists running around my country anymore than the next person.


1. Everyone needs to take their turn at being the next person, and this country's had a pretty good run up until now.

2. If the David Hicks scenario is anything to go by who knows what these people have or haven't done and if any chance of actually finding out has been buggered up forever.

3. The consensus seems to that Guantanamo Bay should be shut down. These people have to go somewhere.

4. Little Johnny Howard was very very keen to jump on the axis-of-evil-burn-down-the-mosque-war-on-those-different-to-us-bandwagon. He was in Iraq yapping at the heals of George W, rubbing his oily hands together and spreading bad feeling through communities (some of which I realise didn't need a lot of encouraging).

So why do Australians now think that they can walk away from the consequences of these actions, waving their hands in the air saying 'hey man, nothing to do with me'. Mr Turnbull, you and your crew wanted this bloody war, so now this is what you've stuck Australia with. Don't blame Kevvie for mopping up your mess.

And obviously there is no way this will turn into an open door policy where anyone can walk straight out of their Camp X-Ray cell straight into a semi-detached in Bondi.

So, do you like to sleep by the window, or the door?


A Free Man said...

Same thing could be said to my fellow countrymen. Should be, in fact.

Kitty said...

I should imagine so, yes. In fact I think there are probably quite a few nations who could put their hands up for this one, I fear.

Suzer said...

Yes, I actually think the responsibility lies with the US.