Thursday, January 29, 2009

you utter, utter bastard

Somewhere, back more than 100 years ago in my family's history some bright spark sitting in the cool of Aberdeen decided to move to Australia.

Why? Why I ask you would a northern European submit themselves to this type of heat? Famine and pestilence aside.

When I woke this morning at 5.30am it was

32/90 freaking degrees.

In my bedroom.

In the dark.

This is un-human. Bonnie Scotland, all is forgiven. Plleeeeeasssseee take me back. Either that or I'm moving to Hobart. Pronto.


Anonymous said...

Around here we call that August. I hate August.

Kitty said...

mmmmmm.... August is starting to move the other side of the wet times here, but not like January and February. June does it for me. I brought on my self, mentioned a couple of weeks ago how much I was avoiding the mild summer.


total fool.

Arizaphale said...

Kitty! I am sooooo with you girl! On days like this Newcastle, Northumberland seems like heaven!!!!
(over from A Free Man)
Haha, word verification is 'mists'...not many of those about at the moment.
Hooray for last night's 'cool change'.

Suzer said...

We've just booked a trip to Hobart for Easter....long way away but it sounds heavenly at the moment;)