Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Crazy Cat Days

Some people think looking after kids is hard work. I suspect I know how they feel.

I woke this morning at 5.00am as I normally do. Not because I'm a morning person (far from it) but that's when the feeds start. Thurston (the black one) is diabetic so needs an insulin shot first thing in the morning and then again around 5.30pm. Antonius Pius (the one near the door) has the runs, so he's on boiled chicken meat only. Apollo (at the back) is a greedy little sod.

Really my alarm doesn't go off until 5.30am, but the boys know this and try to get me up as early as possible by playing my venetian blinds like a harp, and dancing the tango on my legs.

Up I get.

Thurston doesn't want to eat, as it's too hot. But he needs his insulin on a full stomach, so there's a battle to get him to eat. All he wants to do is go out. Ever tried to make a cat eat? It's as hard as getting me to pick up my shoes from the lounge.

Apollo's locked in the study to eat, to stop he stealing the rest, and so Tony wants to know what's going on in the study and sits outside the door crying. Door is opened and Apollo nicks everyone else's food.

Finally once they're fed and Thurston's out there's a day long battle to keep the young ones inside, of the dining table, off the kitchen benches and Tony's just learnt how to open the linen press doors and is getting white hair all over my clean tea towels and bed sheets. I've removed poo from the kitty litter at least four times today (Tony's smells VILE and results in dry retching each time) and tonight the litter tray gets replace entirely. Around 5.30pm we re-do the mealtime dance. The sun will start to go down in about an hour and a half. This will result in all three chasing each other endless around the house, pulling table clothes off and trying to scale the security doors like Hillary on his way to Everest.

And I will fall into bed exhausted, and they will continue to dance the tango on my legs until about 1.00am.

Then we all snuggle up together and sleep like babies. Which makes the whole thing worthwhile really....


Joy the Baker said...

My goodness you have your hands full! Cute babies though!

Kitty said...

they are cute and totally worth the tango. As an update, Apollo's now learnt how to open all the doors in the house, I mean with the ones with handles, he just jumps up and pulls them open.